🎯 Upgraded pre-saves & advanced audience targeting for teams

Collect presaves without a release + share FB audiences

Have you ever wanted to collect pre-saves and fan data even when you’re not dropping a song? With our latest update, we built just that.

We also added some new enhanced targeting capabilities for advanced marketers + teams with multiple artists using Symphony - leading to 2x better results to streams. Check it out:

  • 💾 Create presaves without a release

  • 🤝 IG Ads Upgrade: Share audiences between your roster

  • 🎯 IG Ads Upgrade: Target existing FB audiences with IG ads

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💾 Create a presave without a release

Traditionally, presaves can only be made when a new song is coming out, requiring a UPC/ISRC. Our new upgrade lets create a presave page at anytime - so you can start collecting fan data immediately, including Forever Saves + fan names & emails.

Just create a presave, skip the UPC/ISRC step, and share your presave site. Symphony will automatically apply your presaves next time you drop a song.

📲 Upgrades to IG Ads

🤝 Share audiences between your roster

Have access to multiple Facebook Pages? You’ll love this one. When you have multiple artists you’re working with - you know how powerful cross-pollinating audiences can be to grow a fanbase.

Our latest targeting update lets you build audiences from other FB + IG Pages you may have access to, and target them in your campaigns.

For example, if you have access to FB Pages for 2 artists in the same genre, you can target both of their fanbases with the same ad campaign. Symphony automatically targets your ads to their fanbase, and tests for whichever one may be driving the most streams (or engagement, link clicks, etc.)

Just hit “Target Additional FB/IG Audiences”, and select the pages. We’ll take care of the rest.

🎯 Import your pre-existing audiences into Symphony

If you’ve run ads before, you probably have some custom audiences you’ve built yourself within Facebook. With this update, you’re able to now pull these audiences into Symphony’s targeting.

On the targeting step, tap “Import your Existing FB Custom Audiences”, select your audiences, and we’ll create a new ad set for each of them while your ads are running.

This is perfect to target your email list, video viewers audience, or other lookalikes you may have already made.

Tip, Tricks, and Shoutouts

Learn how indie artist SimilarKind is using Symphony

SimilarKind recently joined the Handsome Money podcast to talk Symphony, and how his band is using automated ads to grow their fanbase.

How to get 100 presaves in 5 seconds

Our new presave “Share” button is here to streamline your growth. Learn how to use the “Share” tool to grow presaves quickly.

👀 What’s next…

Within the next 2 weeks, we’ll be introducing another advanced integration for IG ads, followed up by tools for teams to better use Symphony across their roster. Big website upgrades on the way too.

Have a feature idea or feedback? Reach out - all of our features come from user feedback, and our team is here to build for you 🙂