🔮 ChatGPT meets music marketing

Meet Maestro, your AI marketing assistant

Meet Maestro, your AI marketing assistant

What if you could take the magic of ChatGPT and combine it with Symphony's marketing automation? With our latest update, we built just that.

Meet Maestro - the world's first marketing AI focused on helping artists & creators grow, powered by Symphony & GPT-4 (the AI behind ChatGPT).

We also made some big improvements to your fan analytics + the Marketing interface. More details below on:

  • 🤖 Maestro, your new AI marketing assistant

  • 📊 New Marketing tab

  • 📍 Realtime location editing

  • 🌍 Deeper demographics insights

  • 📈 How PrettyBoy D-O used Forever Saves to chart #1


🤖 The power of AI + Symphony

We took ChatGPT's GPT-4 technology and trained it on Symphony's toolset, and the first Maestro feature we're rolling out is Campaign Recommendations.

In the Marketing tab, you'll see the option to "Ask AI" when creating a campaign. Just tell Maestro what you want to grow, or paste any link, and Maestro will recommend which campaigns would be most beneficial to maximize your goals.

More Maestro integrations are coming across the board - stay tuned!

📣 Introducing the new Marketing Tab 

After listening to feedback for the last year, we realized it was time to build a new Marketing workflow.

The new design is full of small updates that add up - we've made everything way easier to use across your phone and computer, and added things like:

  • Realtime campaign statuses

  • Easier access to your campaign drafts

  • "Popular campaigns"

  • Maestro's AI for campaign recommendations

📍 Realtime location editing

We're building out more realtime campaign editing tools this month, to give you more control over your campaigns after they've started.

For IG ad campaigns, we just dropped realtime location editing - making it super easy to:

  • pause locations where your ads are running

  • add new locations, including cities, states, countries

  • see a deeper breakdown of stats for every location ads are running in

Check out the "Markets" tab in any Music Streams, Link Clicks, or Boost Engagement campaign to see the new tools in action!

ğŸŽ¯ More demographics insights on ad campaigns

We're starting to roll out v2 of our Marketing Campaign stats, starting with the Demographics tab.

For Instagram ad campaigns, you'll now be able to track who engaged with your ad the most - broken down by age, gender, countries, states, and cities, and see deeper data like cost-per-click, spend, and CPM.

We've also added Maestro here to give you quick summaries of what's doing the best.

📍 How to use Forever Saves to a #1 on Spotify

Great music, engaging your fans, and strategic marketing will never fail. Nigerian artist PrettyBoy D-O recently used Symphony's new Forever Saves feature to run his latest release "KoroKoro" to #1 on Spotify's Nigeria charts.

Check out the play-by-play, and the strategic planning that went into this in the latest Where Music's Going newsletter - can't miss it!

📣 Community Spotlight: Symphony 🤝 MADverse

Meet MADverse, your next distribution platform. MADverse is a 360° label service that allows artists to distribute their music, own their masters, and maintain creative freedom. With a tech-first approach, MADverse provides artists with access to the same resources as major labels, making it possible for them to compete on an even playing field.

If you're a member of the Symphony community, you're in luck - MADverse is offering a 25% off with code SY25 on their MADverse Star plan, giving access to features like unlimited royalty splits and editorial playlist pitching.

Check it out here: www.madverse.it 

What's coming up...

A lot of stuff! Symphony's only going to keep getting better.

Up next are more updates to your website + presaves, including even more customizability and editing tools, as well as more data insights for video view campaigns. We'll also be rolling out some more integrations with TikTok's marketing tools 👀

Stay tuned and if you have any ideas, don't hesitate to reach out!