⭐️ Introducing Forever Saves

Grow day 1 streams on every release with Forever Saves

Pre-saves Reinvented

As an artist, you want your fans to be the first to hear your new songs, but promoting your music and creating pre-save campaigns can be time-consuming and frustrating.

With our latest release, we're reimagining the entire presave process - introducing Forever Saves. With every Forever Save, your streams automatically grow for *every* release from day 1.

Read on to learn more about:

  • 🔒 Forever Saves

  • 📱 Launch of the Fans tab

  • 🤝 Refer & Earn Program

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⭐️ Forever Saves

Forever Saves allow fans to "subscribe" to your music releases on Spotify, Apple Music, and Deezer.

Subscribers will have your pre-saved song appear in their library, as well as any future releases - leading to more streams and more immediate discovery of new releases.

For example, with 100 Forever Saves on your first release, your 2nd release will automatically start out with 100 saves from day 1 - and only continue to grow as more fans subscribe.

You can find the option to enable Forever Saves when creating a new presave campaign.

📱 Meet the Fans Tab

When a fan subscribes to Forever Saves & consents to providing data, their email, name, location, and preferred streaming service are all passed to you.

The new Fans tab centralizes all of your data into one place - specifically emails you're collecting with pre-saves, alongside more info on each fan.

As we continue to build this out, we'll be adding a lot more insights and ways to use your Fan data when it comes to marketing.

💿 A Re-designed Presave Dashboard 

We've re-designed the presave dashboard to give a very clear breakdown of presaves on a song, Forever Saves, as well as Audience + Geography breakdowns to track countries, cities, streaming services, and soon more.

💰 Invite Friends, Get Paid 

We're rolling out our Symphony Ambassador program - once you sign up, you'll be able to earn referral fees for any new folks you invite to Symphony - up to 50% of revenue for 12 months from their subscriptions.

What's coming up...

Our next set of updates will be focused on editing campaigns - to make it easier to tweak, analyze, and update how you're running campaigns (and possibly some AI automation streamline your workflows 👀).

If you have any feature ideas or feedback, don't hesitate to let us know - all of these features came directly from feedback from folks like yourself.

📣 Community Spotlight: Symphony 🤝 Idoru

Idoru is building a new paradigm for self-expression and content creation —create an avatar, style them in clothes from awesome brands, and use augmented reality-based content to share across socials.

Their diverse team cares deeply about supporting hyper-creatives like the Symphony community and have spent a lot of time building out this app - you can learn more here.

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