📊 The easiest way to track your fanbase

Introducing the new Symphony Dashboard

📈 Introducing the new Symphony Dashboard

When we first built out the Symphony Dashboard, we wanted to create the easiest way for artists + teams to be able to track how a fanbase is growing across the board.

With our newest update, we're redesigning the Dashboard - built with mobile in mind, and additional tools to sort, filter, and download data.

More details + videos below ⬇️

📊 Larger Graph Views

Get a deeper view into each platform - click the arrows on the bottom right of each graph to see a larger popup view, also filterable by dates. 

🌠 Exportable Reports

Download an image or a CSV report of your fanbase numbers over time - for any platform - by clicking Download Report.

🗓️ Custom Date Filters

Select the "Custom" date option to filter your fanbase data by any start and end date. Perfect for tracking how specific releases or content impacted your growth.

 And more on the way...

In February, we'll be releasing a lot of new updates to streamline the ad creation workflow, as well as a few new campaign types under the Marketing tab.

As always, if you have any feedback about anything, hit reply and let us know. Every feature we build comes from user feedback and we'd love to hear from you!