Websites, the Symphony Way

Meet our new Website toolset - built for creatives, by creatives.

Your website is the only place on the internet, controlled by you - away from all the algorithms and noise. It’s a centerpiece for unlocking + owning fan data, and with the right setup, the starting point for growing your audience and business faster.

We’ve been envisioning a future where creatives can run ALL their marketing through Symphony - beyond just their ads. With this launch, that future begins.

Meet the all new Website Tool ⬇️

We’ve rebuilt the entire Website tool from the ground up - with customization, flexibility, and data collection in mind from day 1.

  • 😍 Customize your website with themes, custom fonts, text, and colors

  • 💿 Playlist Pages to promote playlists

  • 📈 More data, more easily with our all new Website Dashboard

  • 🎨 Custom links, editable URLs, and more

  • 📝 Introducing the Data Collector (part 1)

😍 Meet the all new Website Editor

Before Symphony, our founding team ran a website agency, working with artists to bring their worlds alive through websites. The new Website Editor is our chance to make websites fun and creative again, for everyone. 

We want you to be able to make a site that’s fire and as unique as every one of your releases. We’ve got a long way to go and a lot more to add, but as a starting point you can customize:

  • 12 custom fonts

  • 4 custom themes

  • color palettes

  • text + subtitle customization

  • and a new preview interface

Pro Exclusive: Pro Users will have full access to our customization toolset, and Free users will get a few themes as a starting point to get things moving. We want everyone to win!

Over 1,000,000 ways to make your website. And every single one of them looks good.

🔗 Introducing Playlist Pages

Playlists are a big part of music discovery, and we want to give playlist curators their own unique place to call their own.

Meet Playlist Pages on Symphony.

Just hit “Create New Website”, select Music Site, and paste in your playlist link. We’ll automatically find your playlist, build your page, and the rest is magic 🪄

Perfect for playlist curators, sharing your playlist with friends, or for driving engagement to a playlist with ads.

Every playlist page ships with built-in compatibility with our Conversions toolset, and is optimized for marketing from day 1.

📈 A Redesigned Website Dashboard

Data transparency for our users is a big part of why we’re building what we’re building, and the Website Dashboard is no different. We’ve redesigned this tool compared to the old one - and have a lot we’re planning to add to make contextualization way easier.

We’re already packed the Dashboard with:

  • Activity Overview: Page views, streaming clicks – all your metrics, simplified.

  • Click-Through Rates: See what links work best. Clear insights to refine your calls-to-action.

  • Streaming Insights: Understand which platforms your audience prefers + tailor your content right.

  • Top Referrers: Know where your traffic’s coming from. Focus on channels that matter.

  • Geographical Data: Know where your fans are. City & country data to help plan tours, ads, and promotions more easily.

If you have ideas on data you’d like to see - hit us up, we’d love to add anything and everything to make data analysis easier for you.

🫡 Custom links + editable URLs

The community has been asking for these features for a long time, and we’re moving towards building them in full - this is just the starting point.

You can now add Custom Links to your Music sites:

++ edit the end of your website URL:

Lots more tools, features, and improvements are coming. As a starting point:

  • Re-ordering + rearranging links

  • Custom domains

  • More streaming platforms

  • More themes, fonts, and customization options

🔗 Meet the Data Collector (pt. 1)

You’ll notice a new playbook when creating a website: “Collect Fan Data”.

We’ll be following up with an update on this tool and its possibilities. It starts a new generation of what can be done with Symphony’s tools, building towards a world where all of your audience data sits together, to save you time and money.

Stay tuned - more details otw ⚡️

👀 What’s next…

It’s been an absolutely wild few months for the team. We had the opportunity to partner with some of the biggest music platforms in the world with UnitedMasters, CDBaby, and Audiomack.

We’re grateful to get the opportunity to serve so many artists. The next stage for us though - is getting back to innovating.

We’ve got a lot of improvements coming for the platform, and new ideas we’re excited to explore and bring to our community.

Symphony is in shipping mode. Hit us up if you have any ideas yourself - we’d love to hear from you <3