🆙 The best pre-saves in the game, upgraded.

Introducing the redesigned Pre-save Dashboard

New week new features! Symphony’s Pre-saves tech is already top notch, giving artists millions of unique customization options for their pre-save page + built-in boosts like email collection and Forever Saves.

With our latest drop, I’m super excited to announce our redesigned Pre-Save Dashboard: upgrading the pre-save toolset to give you more realtime control than ever before.

Here's a glance at what's new:

🎨 Edit your pre-save in realtime

🔗 Easier ways to copy & share your pre-save

📣 Marketing recommendations on song release

Visuals below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

🎨 Edit your pre-save in realtime

This was a big one on the list for us - you can now customize everything from UPC/ISRC, to release date, to the look and feel of the pre-save page, all in real-time! Just hit “Edit” in the “Setup” tab and you’re good to go.

With our upgraded pre-save designer, you have access to over 1 million pre-save styles to choose from, so you can give every release its own unique showcase. This update is now live for any current and new Pre-Save campaigns.

🔗 Easier ways to copy & share your pre-save

With one click, you can copy your pre-save link to share it around - but on mobile, we also added the ability to “Share”.

Hitting that will let you immediately share your pre-save link via text, email, Twitter, IG, TikTok, wherever.

One-click share, share the link with all your IG / TikTok followers, and watch those pre-saves go up 🤝 

Here’s an idea: With the “Share” tool, you can automatically direct message the pre-save link to multiple Instagram + Twitter + TikTok followers in one tap. Craft a message, hit “Share”, and send your pre-save to 100+ people by tapping all their names 👀 the easiest way to reach folks

📣 Marketing recommendations on song release

Symphony’s individual marketing campaigns are great, but the main reason we built everything into one place is to make the WHOLE marketing workflow easier, not just one piece of it.

We’re excited to drop Marketing Campaign recommendations - which let you promote your new release in one-click using our recommended campaigns for growing music. This is in addition to the pre-save page automatically turning into a “Listen now” page as soon as the song is out.

👀 What’s next…

With pre-saves up to speed, we’re working on rolling out a whole new targeting algorithm for Instagram Ad campaigns - for the marketers, you know how powerful the Conversions API can be. What if it was directly integrated into all of our Symphony campaigns + websites?

The next wave of features is going to make the toolset more connected than ever. Stay tuned…