Go Global with Realtime Releases

Realtime Releases out now for all pre-saves on Symphony

We’re kicking off the Summer of Symphony with a big update that makes pre-saves better for everyone: meet 🌐 Realtime Releases. We’ve upgraded our Website toolset with global awareness to make it even easier to reach your international audience.

Plus a bunch of updates across the board to make it easier to get paid from our Referral Program and grow with Symphony:

  • NEW FEATURE: 🌐 Go Global with Realtime Releases

  • NEW FEATURE: 💰 Get paid just by sharing your Website

  • NEW FEATURE: 🧭 Track how each pre-save builds your fanbase

  • NEW FEATURE: 🔎 Find campaigns more easily with Campaign Filtering

Check it out ⬇️⬇️⬇️

NEW FEATURE: 💰 Go Global with Realtime Releases

When a song / album releases in the US, it usually releases on streaming platforms at 9pm PST / midnight EST - but in other countries, the release may be available on streaming platforms earlier as the clock strikes midnight across timezones.

This update adds timezone tracking to our Website toolset to update pre-saves with global awareness:
For example, a fan visiting your site from the UK after it’s already midnight, will see a Listen Now page, but a fan visiting your site from the US before midnight will see a Pre-Save page. Smarter websites, immediate access to listening for fans.

You’ll also be able to track in realtime, which countries the release has already gone live in within the pre-save dashboard:

Track where your release has come out at midnight - down to the country.

All the benefits:

  • Instant Access: Fans can listen to your music the moment it releases in their region.

  • Global Reach: Automatically updates pre-save pages to Listen Now pages based on fan’s timezone.

  • Real-Time Tracking: Monitor which countries your release is live in through the pre-save dashboard.

  • Free Feature: Available at no extra cost for all Symphony users.

  • Enhanced Engagement: Boosts fan interaction by providing immediate access to new releases.

NEW FEATURE: 💰 Get paid just by sharing your Website

Did you know you can get paid just by sharing Symphony with your friends? Well if you didn’t know - here’s your chance to get hip! We’ve already paid out $5k to the community for their support in driving subscribers through our Referral Program 🫡 

With this update - we’re making it even easier to get referrals: you can now add your referral link to your Symphony logo. Any time someone comes to your Symphony Website, clicks the Symphony logo, and signs up + subscribes to Pro from your link, you get paid.

This feature is free for everyone! You can find it by going to the Website Editor, and scrolling to the bottom under the Setup tab.

NEW FEATURE: 🔗 Track how each pre-save builds your fanbase

With all of this data flowing in for pre-saves, we realized it may be time to clean up the data presentation a bit:

  • We’ve redone how we show Total Pre-saves, Total Forever Saves, and total Emails Collected, to make it even easier to see how each pre-save campaign impacts the totals for each stat.

  • You can now also see “New Emails from this Release”, vs. “Emails Collected from Past Releases” when looking at your pre-save audience, to know exactly which release is driving which fans to your email list.

With great data comes great responsibility 🫡 we’re going to keep tweaking this even more as we hear feedback.

Live now for all existing pre-save campaigns!

NEW FEATURE: 🔎 Find campaigns more easily with Campaign Filtering

This one’s a quick and simple one - we’ve (finally) added Campaign Filtering to the Marketing Tab! You can now filter by:

  • Campaign Type

  • Budget

  • Dates

  • Status

We’ll be bringing this feature to the Website + Fans tabs soon too 🍻

👀 What’s next…

We’re taking more of your feedback and putting it into action - over the next few weeks, expect new updates for Teams on Symphony, new customizations, and entirely new tools to track your audience.

Hit us directly if you have any feedback or ideas, we love hearing from the community!