💿 Meet the Record Player

New website customizations, analytics options, and the Help Center!

2023’s coming to a close, but our team’s still got a few more feature updates to drop before 2024 to make Symphony more powerful, customizable, and easier-to-use than ever.

First up… an all new way to customize your website: 💿 the Record Player

Bringing the past to the future 🫡

It’s pretty, customizable, and includes a built-in audio player to play track previews. Plus we’ve added:

  • 📖 A new & improved Help Center

  • 😍 An easier way to see which fans pre-saved vs. Forever Saved

  • 🔗 The ability to add social icons to your website

  • 📍 TikTok Pixel + Google Analytics 4 Integration

December feature updates are just getting started ✅ 

💿 Meet the Record Player

The Symphony team got its start almost 7 years ago, as an agency building websites for artists. What was apparent to us at the time, and is still true today - creators deserve tools to build sites that are not only functional, but also represent their world. We’re tired of the same old rectangles and grids.

The “Record Player” is the first push of many to make the website toolset even more expressive + customizable. It’s available exclusively for our Pro community, and can automatically play track previews for songs, and a selected single for albums.

This is now live and ready to use in the “Website” tab for all releases that include a track preview on Spotify.

Now live in the Website tab

📖 A New & Improved Help Center

A big value for us as a product and company is education - making it easy to know how to read your data, when to run marketing, and grow your career & business.

To make everything a bit easier, we’ve shot video walkthroughs of every single campaign type in the Marketing tab, and included explainers of when to use each marketing playbook, and where Symphony’s tech comes into play.

Now live in the “Marketing” tab - just hit “How it works” below any playbook. Additional videos are also live on our Youtube, and viewable in the “Learn” tab.

😍 Segment fans between Forever Saves + pre-saves

Using Symphony’s proprietary Forever Saves tool, artists have been able to maximize every pre-save release into potentially thousands of streams over the lifetime of a rollout.

You’ve always been able to collect data on emails, names, and locations for every fan who Forever Saved, but it wasn’t always easy to see who took the Forever Save action, vs just pre-saving.

With this update - we’ve added in the ability to see exactly who Forever Saved, vs who pre-saved. This is the first of many features we’ll be dropping on the Fan engagement side, to help you better segment your fans, from fans who just pre-save, to fans who subscribe and want to engage with you more deeply.

Fans who subscribed to Forever Saves will now be marked accordingly in the Fans tab

🔗 Add social icons to your website

Shoutout to the community feedback on this one, you asked for this feature and we built it 🫡 you can now enable social links on your Website, including IG, Twitter, TikTok, YT, and FB.

Just hit “Website” > “Extras”, and enable “Show Social Icons”.


📍 TikTok Pixel + Google Analytics 4 Integration

We’ve been thinking about TikTok a lot 👀 as a starting point, you can now link your TikTok Pixel under your Website tab. We’ve also added support for Google Analytics 4’s tracking IDs.

The Tiktok Pixel tracks data on who’s visiting your website, and Symphony automatically configures your website to send back valuable actions, including pre-save completions, streaming link click events, and more.

It’s the easiest way to build an audience of high-quality fans, who are actually engaged with your content. More on TikTok in January ⏳

Just the start for Symphony x TikTok

👀 What’s next…

We’ve been fortunate enough to partner with a few more streaming services that power pre-saves, to make it even easier for you to bring all of your fans into your world.

We’ll be launching these updates into the app shortly, along with some new powerups that make it even easier to grow your following, segment your fans, and customize your website.

All sides are getting updated. If you have any ideas, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team and we’ll add it to our roadmap.