The next generation of ads targeting: meet Symphony Conversions

Symphony 🤝 Facebook Conversions API

This is an update our team has been working on for the last 6 months: we've integrated the world's most advanced ads tech - traditionally reserved for top marketers & major brands, Facebook’s Conversions API - and made it easy to setup for anyone on Symphony.

Once you setup Conversions, every time you run ads, you’ll be able to grow, not just get clicks. Like this ⬇️

What’s this mean for you?

Growth from real, active fans, and streams: drive ticket sales, merch, presaves, grow your email list, and more. Check it out ⬇️⬇️⬇️.

  • 😍 Setup Conversions to get more fans, not just more clicks

  • 🔗 Growing ticket sales, merch, presaves with Conversions

  • 💬 How the community’s using Conversions

  • ⚙️ Setting up in 5-minutes

😍 Get more fans, not just more clicks

Traditionally, ad clicks are how we’ve measured results - it’s a cool metric, but it doesn’t tell you what a fan did after they clicked, or if they streamed.

Conversions changes all of that - instead of optimizing ads for people who click, ads will filter out low quality clickers and optimize specifically towards finding fans who STREAM.

For “Increase Music Streams” campaigns, Symphony reports both ad clicks and fans that clicked to stream. You’ll see the difference after a few campaigns - Conversions learns and grows with you.

🔗 How to use Conversions to grow anything

The power of Conversions is in flexibility - no matter your goal, you can teach Symphony to drive fans to take whatever action you care about.

Ticket sales, merch purchases, pre-saves, email list growth, you name it, it’ll work (as long as you have the right configuration)*

Here are a few playbooks you can use today - there’s a lot more work we’ll be doing to improve these workflows. Stay tuned!

Elevate Shopify sales using Conversions! Integrate Meta Pixel, activate "Increase Link Clicks" playbook, and track your purchase events. 🛍️

Boost Spotify followers via Conversions! Set an anchor song, link your playlist, apply the "Increase Music Streams" playbook, and see growth! 🎵

Boost ticket sales with Conversions! Set up, email us your tour dates, and drive real sales using our Conversions-ready Tour Page. 🎟️🚀

Boost presaves with Conversions! Launch targeted campaigns for your upcoming releases, engage fans early, and witness your tracks soar! 🎶

The power of Conversions for music and beyond is hard to overstate, and we’re just getting started.

*Symphony automatically handles Conversions setup for Music Streams campaigns. If you’re intending to use Symphony for other goals, make sure the website you’re using is setup to handle Conversions.

👀 What’s next…

Every day our team wakes up, talks to the community, and builds to solve problems.

We dream of a future where the next million creators have affordable, powerful tools that empower them to own their data & grow on their own terms, from 0 to 1.

We’re excited to announce that we have some amazing supporters who also believe in this vision: we've raised pre-seed funding from Spice Capital, Gold House, LVRN, Guin Records, and now have angels + advisors across the industry from places like Universal Music Group, Vydia, AWAL, Range Media Partners, WVE Media, UNFD, Raedio, and Fool's Gold Records.

More importantly, some of the biggest creatives in the world like 21 Savage, 24kGoldn, and former Motown Records CEO Ethiopia Habtemariam believe in the vision.

We’re endlessly gratitude to all the artists, managers, and teams that use Symphony and give us feedback - this community is our daily motivation, and we’re very excited to keep building and shipping dope new features.

As we go into next year, we’ll be releasing a lot more, and a lot more quickly. If you have any feature ideas or feedback, please reach out - all of our features come from user feedback, and our team is here to build for you 🙂

Stay tuned for more soon!