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Updates to YouTube Ad Demographics + Age & Gender Targeting

Symphony v1 is loading up… In the meantime, we’ve been upgrading YouTube and Instagram ad campaigns with a bunch of new features.

I’m excited to announce Video View demographics - you can now see exactly who’s resonating with your video campaigns, down to their city, age, gender, and which channel they saw your ad on.

We also added the ability to let you target IG ads by specific ages, genders, and languages. This is one of our biggest updates yet:

  • 📍 Track top demographics for YouTube campaigns

  • 🎚️ Customize age, gender, and language for Instagram ads

  • 📽️ Track top performing creative assets for ads

More visuals below ⬇️ ⬇️ ⬇️

▶️ Updates to Video View Campaigns

📍 Track top demographics

We just dropped a big cheat code - you can now see top locations, countries, cities, ages, and genders for your YouTube Ads Campaigns.

This comes especially in handy when running “More Engagement” campaigns - to know where discovery is coming from. Each stat will be broken down by additional stats give you deeper insight into which targeting is working the best.

😍 Track top performing channels

When running ad campaigns, knowing exactly who your ads are resonating with is helpful - especially in guiding future campaigns.

With this latest update, any audiences you target during setup will be shown, next to how many views they drove, how much was spent on the audience, and average cost-per-view.

📈 Updates to Instagram Campaigns

🎚️ Customize age, gender, and language targeting

You can now tailor your Instagram ads targeting based on age, gender, and language - giving you full and precise control over the audience you want to reach.

Symphony's AI-powered automated targeting remains the default, so either way, your ads will reach the most cost-effective new fans. This update is now live for Instagram Ads campaigns, including Music Streams, Boost Engagement, and Link Clicks.

▶️ Track top performing creative assets for ads

For all new and historical “Increase Music Streams”, “Boost Engagement”, “Link Clicks”, and any other Instagram ads campaign, you'll be able to easily see which of your creative assets are performing the best. This update includes:

  • the ability to see the top performing creative asset

  • the ability to preview your ads on your device with one-click

  • performance breakdowns between story, reels, and feed

This feature is designed to help you get the most out of your Instagram advertising campaigns and learn what’s working the best. If Reels + Story are performing the best, it’s a good indication as to what to promote for your next release - and vice verse. More insights, more actionability.

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👀 What’s next…

As we get closer to v1, we’re aiming to unlock more ways of using Symphony that aren’t tied to spending money on ads.

A big part of that is more robust tools around pre-saves, and more ways to build and optimize websites around data collection.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be unlocking some big powerups to give you even more tools to connect with your fans. Stay tuned, more on the way 🙂