One-click to unlock Spotify fan data

Automatic Spotify presaves, customizable URLs, and much more!

Growing your collected fan data should be easy - with our latest update, it’s easier than ever.

Introducing ⚡️ One-click Spotify Pre-saves: with one click, a fan logs into Spotify automatically, and you get their contact info, name, location, + more.

We’ve also added some new updates + bug fixes to the app to make things easier across the board. The next phase of the Symphony roadmap starts now:

  • 💾 One-click Spotify Presaves: More fan data in less time

  • 🔗 Customize your pre-save URL

  • 😍 Track Engaged Fans right on the Dashboard

  • 🔍 Resolve IG Ad issues more easily

More visuals below ⬇️⬇️⬇️

💾 One-click Spotify Presaves

Traditionally, presaves required a fan to login to their streaming service of choice - every time. With Forever Saves, we took our first step at streamlining this for every streaming service.

This latest update speeds up the pre-save process 1000%: when a fan pre-saves on Spotify, Symphony automatically opens the Spotify app, logs them in, and pre-saves your release.

In 5 seconds, you get access to a fan’s name, email, location, and Forever Save (once they opt-in). This update is only available for Spotify at the moment, and hopefully more streaming services in the near future.

This feature only works on iOS + all social media apps except TikTok. We’re working on adding Android & TikTok support too!

Instant presaves, instant data.

🔗 Customize your Pre-save URL

We’ve heard you loud and clear! More customization options are on the way - starting with URLs. You can super easily customize the name in your pre-save URL by clicking the “edit” icon in your pre-save campaign.

This is now live for all pre-save campaigns. Next up are more theming options for both the Website + Pre-save tool. Stay tuned 😤

😍 Track Fan Data on the Dashboard

As we continue building tools that drive fan engagement beyond just ads, it’s important for you to know which stats matter - and where your real fanbase is.

We’ve added “Connected Fans” and “Forever Saves” to the Dashboard, to make it easier to track your fanbase holistically.

In one glance, you can now see streaming stats and socials, right next to the number of engaged fans that have joined your community. More otw on this front soon

🔎 Easier steps to resolve ad issues

When you run an ad campaign, Symphony’s AI automatically handles campaign targeting, setup in FB / IG, and execution. However, when issues arise on the Facebook + Instagram side, it’s always been a bit annoying to get solved.

We just dropped something we call “Transparency Messages”, in conjunction with over 50 bug fixes to add clarity when a campaign may not be live. You’ll now see specific messages on how to resolve any issues that may be occuring with your Ad Account, permissions, or Meta Business.

We want to make it as easy as possible for the campaign to do its job, and ensure your Meta accounts are configured to maximize outcomes.

If issues occur on Facebook / Instagram’s end, we’ll tell you exactly what the issue is and how to solve it.

👀 What’s next…

Our team’s been hard at work at fixing bugs and defining the next phase of our roadmap. We’ve got more customization options, easier tools to sort + filter your campaigns, and more playbooks coming in the next few weeks.

Have an idea? Reach out to our team! We’re always open to feedback + a lot of these ideas come directly from our community. Stay tuned ~